doujin review – Nanoha Betrayers


Follow Fate into battle!

Alright. This is non-ero. But it is still really damn dark.

Well lets just describe Nanoha for a bit.
The first series (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha) was rather cute at the beginning before sinking into some more serious issues (mostly based around Fate). Then came Nanoha A’s which featured a much more complex story and characters and seemingly expanded on what Nanoha introduced.
Nanoha StrikerS the  characters had grown up and ten million other characters were introduced which LOOKED damn interesting but were not really looked into (mostly the well equiped beautiful ensemble known as the Numbers).

Nanoha Betrayers is a doujin that increases the seriousness ten-fold.

The artist behind this one is known as Himura Nyuugyou (比村乳業), best known for his Sword Dancer doujinshi as well as a more recent Bakemonogatari. doujinshi.

Not much happens in the doujin, despite it being 60 pages. It’s relatively interesting, the artwork is gorgeous. So I’m actually just going to talk about that.

First off, we get to see the most sinister depiction of the White Devil yet.


Around this time you will probably be wondering why the hell is this guy making doujinshi when he could be paid tons of money to make those ultra-detailed Warhammer 40K artworks (like this)? Umm point being, Himura puts alot of detail in this work.


And he manages to make Hayate look damn intimidating! Admittedly the addition of the army outfit adds to that. But the way the whole thing is shaded really gives off a really cool atmosphere. Im going to resist making the caption: “Don’t mess with Hayate”. Cause the image pretty much speaks for itself.



And then of course expositional shots like this contribute to the atmosphere. Nanoha was never fully political, but this page makes the series look like it’s based solely on politics and military.


The fight scenes aren’t bad either. This doesn’t look like a Mahou Shoujo battle. It looks more like two gods fighting over who gets to wipe out the universe. I’d say the only real problem with the doujin is that this single fight scene between Nanoha and Fate (and later Subaru) pretty much is 50% of the entire thing.


Another problem is that there isn’t enough Signum, THATS A REASONABLE COMPLAINT! I don’t think I need to emphasize how well he’s captured the feel of the characters.


The doujin ends with Vivio apparently getting involved in the whole scheme of things…….which is kind of abrupt, made more upsetting by the fact that the author hasn’t really planned on continuing this story.

I hope you enjoyed this clip show. If you want the translated doujin. It’s available over here. And lets pray doujinshi creators will look over this work and take notes.

Anyway it’s a cool doujin and it’s a good example of how doujinshi can make the original work more interesting to people who prefer complicated stories.



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